Windsurf Log!

Well we have got to the end of the year and for the first time I have made an accurate record of my sessions thanks to the app for the iPhone called Windsurf Log. You may wish to try it googling windsurf log usually does the trick.

Happy New Year


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Flymount Photography – Mark Dowson

Inspired by the Starboard/Tushingham competition -See quote below…

I sent in my own photographs using my new Flymount! Still learning to use it and my switch to apple has made life even better!

Click here for the full set  Redcar

Click here for the full set Fraisthorpe

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Starboard Fin Bag Competition
With some of the 2013 Starboard accessories samples still kicking around we thought as a early Christmas present we thought we would give away the large fin/accessory bag to the person who can send us the best winter windsurfing picture from this weekend.
With the forecast set for this weekend to bring wind and swell we want you to send us your best photo of you out windsurfing in the winter conditions – see it as a small incentive to get you on the water!
You can either then share the photo on our Facebook timeline or email your photo to
The winner will be chosen on Wednesday morning by the team including Sam Ross, Muzza, George Shillito and Peter Hart, for the prize to be sent out that day so it can be delivered before Christmas! We will be looking for the photo that best encapsulates windsurfing during the winter months no matter what that entails for you!
The competition closes at midnight on Tuesday 18th December 2012 so don those winter suits and get snapping!!!

Flymount –

Tushingham –

Juice Boardsports – Juice




Mark Dowson

Redcar – Flymount Outing

Rocking Redcar – After a drama with my van, Chris and I drove all the way up the coast, stopping off at Fraisthorpe to pick up my new mast (cheers Ben) and eventually made it to Redcar. There were three sailors looking forward to the freestyle conditions on offer there. We had other ideas however as wanted some waves and knew Ivan and Tony were already making their way to the North East.

It was a beautiful day and Chris had some great tracks banging out as we admired the scenery and tracked up the coast road. This was a route both of us had not travelled for quite some time.

The Flymount finally got wet and I got some nice footage.

Currently editing…but here is a quick still 4.7m Ezzy Elite 4 batten & 92 Quad plus new K4 16cm rear fins… lovely!

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 19.45.19

More info about Flymount at

Good old K4 at

Holiday Video


Taken with Gopro1 – just over a minute of my best windsurfing moments from Summer holiday in Lanzarote.

A windy season but the waves were not as consistent as previous years but a great holiday overall.

As you can see more practice needed! See you at the beach – The demo day at Fraisthorpe should be a good on the 15th & 16th too.

(It is possible to watch it at 1080)

Backloop at Bridlington?

Been a while since I posted so I’d thought show you what I’d been up to on my June Lanzarote trip.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My first clean back loop on Cam! – 

I’ve been using the helmet mount as an aid to improving technique for nearly a year now.
In the  past couple of months I have been focusing on backloops – Finally got one on the cam. I’d been close at Filey but was just over rotating to various degrees. But felt I was starting to get more of a feeling for it.
I had made that the top priority for recent sailing sessions if there were nice steep ramps available and I went and re-read every internet help guide I could find on how to back loop.

These are the ones I found the most useful –  

Articles –  

(Only just seen this one but I liked it as it is from Lanzarote!)

Videos – 

I asked the advice of everyone I knew who could do them consistently, thanks everyone!

Got some good feedback on the day from one of the locals who said I needed to lean back and be more upright on landing and after he said this I landed the next attempt. Hopefully will be more consistent now although I’m not holding my breath…

Good luck with your own personal goals -Wave 360’s and more aerials are my next goal 😉

Filey – Turn after turn

Filey has featured highly in our sailing this year and the northerly and easterly weather systems have delivered some cold but memorable sessions. This was a great session for riding with turn after turn on nice easy waves. Also it was on a fickle forecast that came so so good.

 Just Chris and I to enjoy the conditions and three surfers. I also christened my new Starboard Quad 92 so a really special day. The only fly in the ointment was Matt had to work and missed it!



Photograph of Chris on a wave