Windsurfing at Bridlington

Windsurfing at Bridlington  UK

“I am one of many windsurfers at Bridlington, one of the hardcore bunch, who are always enjoying themselves at the beach”  Mark

 See you on the water!


  Frasiethorpe October 2009  


The inspiration

The photographs of one windsurfer ‘Winnsnapper’

(Click here to see his photographs!)

inspired me to learn how to Blog and the two images of the windmill and the beach are his, shamelessly borrowed, but acknowledged in the above link.


The Technology

The blog technology allows people to comment and links to be made to photographs and vidoes they make and upload. I have deliberately not mentioned names as people will know who they are.

You can also check out my Bridlington Windsurfing photographs  (Not in the same league as Winnsnapper’s)




I want to add more  familar faces as we sail this year so duck if you see me with a camera in hand!



 Windsurfing Beach Guides Links

I have added one of my own too! 
Bridlington Wind Direction Guide for Windsurfing
Bridlington | UK Beach Guide – The UK Coastline
Fraisthorpe Guide

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