Redcar – Flymount Outing

Rocking Redcar – After a drama with my van, Chris and I drove all the way up the coast, stopping off at Fraisthorpe to pick up my new mast (cheers Ben) and eventually made it to Redcar. There were three sailors looking forward to the freestyle conditions on offer there. We had other ideas however as wanted some waves and knew Ivan and Tony were already making their way to the North East.

It was a beautiful day and Chris had some great tracks banging out as we admired the scenery and tracked up the coast road. This was a route both of us had not travelled for quite some time.

The Flymount finally got wet and I got some nice footage.

Currently editing…but here is a quick still 4.7m Ezzy Elite 4 batten & 92 Quad plus new K4 16cm rear fins… lovely!

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 19.45.19

More info about Flymount at

Good old K4 at


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