Backloop at Bridlington?

Been a while since I posted so I’d thought show you what I’d been up to on my June Lanzarote trip.

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My first clean back loop on Cam! – 

I’ve been using the helmet mount as an aid to improving technique for nearly a year now.
In the  past couple of months I have been focusing on backloops – Finally got one on the cam. I’d been close at Filey but was just over rotating to various degrees. But felt I was starting to get more of a feeling for it.
I had made that the top priority for recent sailing sessions if there were nice steep ramps available and I went and re-read every internet help guide I could find on how to back loop.

These are the ones I found the most useful –  

Articles –  

(Only just seen this one but I liked it as it is from Lanzarote!)

Videos – 

I asked the advice of everyone I knew who could do them consistently, thanks everyone!

Got some good feedback on the day from one of the locals who said I needed to lean back and be more upright on landing and after he said this I landed the next attempt. Hopefully will be more consistent now although I’m not holding my breath…

Good luck with your own personal goals -Wave 360’s and more aerials are my next goal 😉


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