Somewhere South of Scarborough

After lots of  debate of where to go we decided to risk the iffy forecast and try North Bay Scarborough. The forecast changed last minute giving early wind then dropping off at 10ish. So Chris and I decided to try a dawn raid and got to beach for first light.

I thought we were going to get skunked and regret not going further south but there was wind! More east than forecast NNE??? and sand blowing down the beach and rocking the vans as we drove around so we went a bit further down the coast and had a fun sail.

I was on a 5.2m and 95 and Chris a 6.2m and 115 launching at 8.05 cross on and nice jumping, waves were ok but nothing to write home about in the riding department, but you can see the potential.

Tried the hand back and looking back thing for loops which definitely changed the way you go around, not exactly sure how… I got a few on video before I filled the SD card. Caught some funny facial expressions! I’m not sure if I’m looking/turning to the right place.

Did 6 in all and then injured knee started getting sore. Wind dropped later as many other folk rolled up and I had a blast on the kit Chris had rigged as he couldn’t plane on it anymore and couldn’t get going on mine.

Then packed up as water was at base of cliffs.

Eight people out there altogether and the bacon and egg sarnies were excellent! Ben had 2!!!

Matt also rolled up after having to go on a call and had a blast on the 6.2m and 115l.

….and it was sunny!


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