Saturday 17th July – On and Off

After an early arrival at the beach the forecast was totally wrong with no wind or rain. Many left and went to do something else. Mick probably was on the water for most of the sailable wind, and he and Steve kept slogging through the rain as the gusts let them plane every now and again.

Once the rain stopped in the late afternoon a few more were tempted out onto the water. 5.7m and some good runs and waves mixed in with not planning were the order of the day. Not the best sail but we got wet, rode a few waves  and snatched a few jumps when the wind filled in. It has been at leat 4 weeks since I last sailed and I managed to get four blisters and tear one open in a comedy cataput just as I was going to bottom turn.

Hopefully more wind will follow for those who manage to get out in the next couple of days. It is forecasting 16mph for Sunday but I’m going to rest and get ready for the Canaries.


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