Sunday Late Session / Juice SALE


Call in


phone for the best deals

plus save

the VAT increase

All items are on ‘Sale’ but you will have to call in or phone for the sale prices.

Some items have been updated on the website but 95% of them have not.

So call us 01484 422146 and we will not disappoint.


Chris ( Fraisthorpe ) & Matt (Filey) managed a sail late in the afternoon on the East Coast. Chris was on 7m and 115ltr RRD fully powered to overpowered.

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Matt – 6.0 and Kode 94, but was a lot more wind out the back once out of the shadow of the cliffs, 5.2 and 85 would have been better. Kept getting better as the tide dropped, fun sail in the end 🙂

Well done boys at least you got out there I just couldn’t get away…

See you on the water next time!


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