YeeHawww!!! Bridlington Waves and Wind

 Photograph by M Kratty  Best shot of the day so far…

Saturday at Bridlington (Fraisthorpe) delivered some exciting windsurfing, nice powerful waves and cross off winds.  A high tide meant many waited till it was a bit safer and the tide had uncovered the rocks, and many new faces (some old) from the west coast fraternity turned up to enjoy the unusually good conditions. 

Connor Bainbridge and his friend had raided Juice for wave toys and it was great to see them enjoying the conditions with such enthusiam and obvious talent. Hopefully there will be video and more photographs of the action to come.

I hope the guy who broke his nose in the shore break after the mast slapped him in the face makes a quick recovery.  I was lucky and against all odds had many Yehawwww!!! waves where good fortune allowed me escape unscathed. Using bigger kit made it easier to get out as some found it a diffcult task on this outstanding day of the year.


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