Filey Windsurfing Video

Awesome Windsurfing session at Filey! 

Last Windsurfing of December 2009?

 Well we thought we had had the last of what 2009 had to offer but no whilst some parts of the country were covered in snow the east coast was a toasty 3 or 4 degrees and we managed a survival ‘seat of your pants’ session at Filey.

 It was a gusty North Easterly wind that saw us scuttling up and down the coast to find a more side shore launch, we gave Fraisthorpe a miss for once as we wanted to try a new venue after sailing lots of onshore days at Bridlington. After checking out three other launches we finally decided to go for it at Filey. Port tack with a huge rolling sea we opted for 5.2m as it was still slightly onshore and although the gusts were very strong there were periods of little wind. On the outside the waves looked huge and on the inside there was a shallow flat section that then led to a smaller head high breaking wave.

 This was the first time I had sailed Filey and with the size of the waves the fickle wind, the temperature and the tide just starting to touch the bottom of the sea wall it was probably not the best time to have a first go. But all in all we survived and it was great fun.

 Thanks to Chris on camera and Jeff for going for it!

 Click here to watch Video of session 


The tide was just touching the bottom of the sea wall. 


If you look at the waves on the left and compare them 

 to the size of the windsurfer you can judge the size of the waves. 


It was a long way out and it was not a place to let go of your kit…

Gallery – scroll to the bottom of page!


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