Still Windsurfing in the snow at Bridlington in United Kingdom!

Winter BeachWinter Timelapse at the beachThere are people out there this week! I got this in an email yesterday! Hopefully I’ll be able to go on Sunday if conditions look good!
“Was on the water yesterday. Lasted about an hour, the conditions were absolutely freezing. It was even snowing whilst I was out. Conditions cross onshore. Very windy, completely overpowered on my 4.5. Sea state: Very big and very messy. Swell was way over mast high and breaking as far out as the I could see. It was a complete survival session. But never the less I enjoyed it just the same. Nice to be back on the water as I have not had a chance to sail in the last 4 weeks.”

Winnsnapper has added a new photograph of the winter beach and a time lapse of Gump from Juice Boardsports.


This BBC photograph shows winter has finally arrived with a vengence.


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