Winner to Wavesailor DVD Review : Windsurfing Bridlington : Fraisthorpe : United Kingdom

Windsurfing Bridlington

Winner to Wavesailor DVD Review –  I give it 10 out of 10 !

I got my hands on a copy of this at the weekend and I  have to say I was impressed. Jem Hall explains many aspects of wave sailing on a windsurfer really clearly and simply. Many things that people ask you at the beach are explained and shown clearly in the video and on both tacks. So in the future I’ll send people to the local DVD store for a copy of this instead of me trying to explain what they wanted to know.  One of the forward comments has the best line of the whole DVD I’m still chuckling over it now, but I won’t spoil it for you. The other DVD guide I rate is Wave Sailing Secrets however I think Jem has done a better job.

So my advice is if you want to improve your windsurfing go and get a copy unless of course you are a pro and you’ll aready know how to do all the things covered. I used some of the tips  in my last windsurfing session at Bridlington to great effect. So perhaps you can teach an old dog new tricks.

…and before you ask, no you can’t borrow my copy I’m still watching it.

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Main Menu Advanced Riding Extras
Fundamentals More Vertical and off the Lip Kauli Seadi – The Brazilian Way
Tuning Cross on Frontside Robby Swift – Chile Travel Feature
Getting Out Backside Airs Robby Swift – Kona Wind Feature
Catching a Wave Aerials Jeri Travel Feature
Frontside Gu Screw Live Tips on Table Top
Backside Wave 360 Beginner 2 Winner Trailer
Jumping Better Goiter Feed Your Soul FS Trailer
Forwards – Pull that Trigger Taka Moments Trailer
Backwards Rotations    
Rights of Way    
Jems Live Coaching    
Jems Forwards    
Jems Fault Analysis

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