2 Days of FunTwo fun

January 7, 2014

Two fun days of sun, wind and waves in Lanzarote, Happy New Year everyone!




A week in Cornwall

October 30, 2013

Chris and I were lucky enough to score a great week in Cornwall in October. The competition was great fun and it was great to meet new people and catch up with some blasts from the past. Well done to Phil for winning the pro fleet. It was really inspiring to sail alongside such a huge group of talented sailors.



Lanzarote dash to the sun

April 9, 2013

We had four relaxing days on Lanzarote – and managed to recharge batteries away from these dreary Easterlies. Hopefully Sunday will deliver some warmer windier conditions at home…


April 4, 2013

Road trip with Chris – great to get back out there, even though it is only three degrees.

See you all when it gets warmer!

Cornwall Holiday

March 4, 2013

Short video of my recent trip to Cornwall – Sunny and windy February!

 http://youtu.be/X2J8-jQw5yQ Click on 1080 version for high quality joy


GoPro Hero 3 Windsurf Test (v2)

February 3, 2013

YouTube Channel – or Click on YouTube Link on bottom right then Select 1080HD for highest quality on settings cog.

Nearly… just got to up the effort! Taken with GorPo3 & Flymount combination…


Windsurf Log!

December 31, 2012

Well we have got to the end of the year and for the first time I have made an accurate record of my sessions thanks to the app for the iPhone called Windsurf Log. You may wish to try it googling windsurf log usually does the trick.

Happy New Year


20121231-023417 PM.jpg

Flymount Photography – Mark Dowson

December 17, 2012

Inspired by the Starboard/Tushingham competition -See quote below…

I sent in my own photographs using my new Flymount! Still learning to use it and my switch to apple has made life even better!

Click here for the full set http://flic.kr/s/aHsjDdFVgM  Redcar

Click here for the full set http://flic.kr/s/aHsjDecQv7 Fraisthorpe

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 23.52.18

Starboard Fin Bag Competition
With some of the 2013 Starboard accessories samples still kicking around we thought as a early Christmas present we thought we would give away the large fin/accessory bag to the person who can send us the best winter windsurfing picture from this weekend.
With the forecast set for this weekend to bring wind and swell we want you to send us your best photo of you out windsurfing in the winter conditions – see it as a small incentive to get you on the water!
You can either then share the photo on our Facebook timeline https://www.facebook.com/TushinghamSails or email your photo to lgreen@tushingham.com
The winner will be chosen on Wednesday morning by the team including Sam Ross, Muzza, George Shillito and Peter Hart, for the prize to be sent out that day so it can be delivered before Christmas! We will be looking for the photo that best encapsulates windsurfing during the winter months no matter what that entails for you!
The competition closes at midnight on Tuesday 18th December 2012 so don those winter suits and get snapping!!!

Flymount – http://www.flymount.com

Tushingham – http://www.tushingham.com

Juice Boardsports – Juice




Mark Dowson

Redcar – Flymount Outing

December 11, 2012

Rocking Redcar – After a drama with my van, Chris and I drove all the way up the coast, stopping off at Fraisthorpe to pick up my new mast (cheers Ben) and eventually made it to Redcar. There were three sailors looking forward to the freestyle conditions on offer there. We had other ideas however as wanted some waves and knew Ivan and Tony were already making their way to the North East.

It was a beautiful day and Chris had some great tracks banging out as we admired the scenery and tracked up the coast road. This was a route both of us had not travelled for quite some time.

The Flymount finally got wet and I got some nice footage.

Currently editing…but here is a quick still 4.7m Ezzy Elite 4 batten & 92 Quad plus new K4 16cm rear fins… lovely!

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 19.45.19

More info about Flymount at http://www.flymount.com

Good old K4 at http://www.k4fins.com

Holiday Video

September 5, 2012


Taken with Gopro1 – just over a minute of my best windsurfing moments from Summer holiday in Lanzarote.

A windy season but the waves were not as consistent as previous years but a great holiday overall.

As you can see more practice needed! See you at the beach – The demo day at Fraisthorpe should be a good on the 15th & 16th too.




(It is possible to watch it at 1080)

Backloop at Bridlington?

June 24, 2012

Been a while since I posted so I’d thought show you what I’d been up to on my June Lanzarote trip.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My first clean back loop on Cam! – http://youtu.be/I_dBkGZQ274?hd=1 

I’ve been using the helmet mount as an aid to improving technique for nearly a year now.
In the  past couple of months I have been focusing on backloops – Finally got one on the cam. I’d been close at Filey but was just over rotating to various degrees. But felt I was starting to get more of a feeling for it.
I had made that the top priority for recent sailing sessions if there were nice steep ramps available and I went and re-read every internet help guide I could find on how to back loop.

These are the ones I found the most useful –  

Articles - http://www.roynbartholdi.com/windsurfing/tutorial/loops/back-loop




(Only just seen this one but I liked it as it is from Lanzarote!)

Videos -



I asked the advice of everyone I knew who could do them consistently, thanks everyone!

Got some good feedback on the day from one of the locals who said I needed to lean back and be more upright on landing and after he said this I landed the next attempt. Hopefully will be more consistent now although I’m not holding my breath…

Good luck with your own personal goals -Wave 360’s and more aerials are my next goal ;-)

Filey – Turn after turn

May 27, 2012

Filey has featured highly in our sailing this year and the northerly and easterly weather systems have delivered some cold but memorable sessions. This was a great session for riding with turn after turn on nice easy waves. Also it was on a fickle forecast that came so so good.

 Just Chris and I to enjoy the conditions and three surfers. I also christened my new Starboard Quad 92 so a really special day. The only fly in the ointment was Matt had to work and missed it!




Photograph of Chris on a wave


Simmer FREEWAVE 95 Demo Session at Fraisthorpe

February 28, 2012
A short video of the Simmer FREEWAVE 95 Demo Session at Fraisthorpe.

Can’t wait to try it again!



A Week Windsurfing in Yorkshire

February 26, 2012

The cold seems to have gone and a few of us caught some water time to feed the soul. The week began with snow and slowly warmed up.

Click the video picture below to go to our YouTube Channel to watch the best moments of the week or go direct http://youtu.be/WhDek3lxNvM

Click here to watch video
Thanks to Chris, Matt & Paul for making them great sessions!
Sessions [] 2012 : 7 

The Gap – Session 2

February 13, 2012

Sailed on my own at the Gap for only second time and it was even better than last session apart from no open cafe! Matt had to work and no else turned up. I went to Fraisthorpe first but it was really flat and no wind at 12.00.

The sun was out most of the time and the waves were small, the real swell has not arrived yet, and wind was full on for 5.2m with as much downhaul as I could get on it and the trusty old Goya 95. Felt great to be out on the water :-) Managed a couple of bottom turns and off the lips so hopefully a warm up for the better stuff on Tuesday…

Snow was still on the ground in parts but I managed most of the session without gloves. Lasted for just under two hours and then decided to quit whilst I was ahead.

I have video footage which I’ll probably post later in week…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

13th February 2012

February 12, 2012

Hoping to sail on Monday / Tuesday at Fraisthorpe

Arrangements at:


or http://www.juiceboardsports.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=386

The Redcar Video finally finished is at http://youtu.be/r3j9V0uy1aQ

Some great photographs by Craig Hopkins. Thanks to Steve for letting me try his new 92 board!

Latest video of our last session at Fraisthorpe

February 1, 2012

Latest video of our last session, not big wave action but good old blasting fun. A colloboration of stills ( Thanks Martin ), GoPro and Video from land (Thanks Kev).

 http://youtu.be/BqYX8jfLY00 – slow internet speeds

http://youtu.be/BqYX8jfLY00?hd=1 – HD version for fast connections


We have sailed quite a bit at Redcar recently http://www.flickr.com/photos/craighopkins/sets/72157628180018801/

He has kindly sent me photographs from the Saturday before which I am going to start editing next :-)

January 15, 2012

Spent the last few days of 2011 in Lanzarote and had 6 days of mellow 5.8m sailing, fantastic sunrises, sunsets and Santa brought me a new video camera with a big zoom.

Panasonic HDC-TM80 HD Camcorder (Black) -37X


Lets hope it is a windy new year!


Video of 2011

January 15, 2012

Geoff’s video montage from 2011 – Click here

Nice one Geoff :-)

Let’s hope it is a windy year.

Saturday – Redcar 2

December 5, 2011


Says it all on the forum link above…

Looks like the cold has arrived too as the gloves were out …

Vid of the session on Saturday Redcar 2 – http://www.youtube.com/user/markdowson?feature=mhee

(should be live by 7.30am Monday)

Watch the Juicy Forum if you are up for a trip to sail some waves next weekend!

But bring your thermals… 


Warm Wind and Waves

November 30, 2011

Seem to be getting some good sailing at the moment!

Saturday at Bridlington was good fun on my new 4.7m Ezzy WP3 and Quad 81. Redcar, on Sunday, was even better on the same gear with a fair few of us making the trek to this friendly northern beach. Still Buzzing! Still editing video the light was really good all day.

Photograph of Chris in action on the Saturday


The video is from a lovely day in October in Lanzarote


Click full screen for full 720HD version.

‘The Gap’ Video

November 19, 2011

The Gap – video of last sail on east coast a warm November day to remember…


Your shout for the bacon sarnies next time Chris! 



Somewhere South of Scarborough

November 7, 2011

After lots of  debate of where to go we decided to risk the iffy forecast and try North Bay Scarborough. The forecast changed last minute giving early wind then dropping off at 10ish. So Chris and I decided to try a dawn raid and got to beach for first light.

I thought we were going to get skunked and regret not going further south but there was wind! More east than forecast NNE??? and sand blowing down the beach and rocking the vans as we drove around so we went a bit further down the coast and had a fun sail.

I was on a 5.2m and 95 and Chris a 6.2m and 115 launching at 8.05 cross on and nice jumping, waves were ok but nothing to write home about in the riding department, but you can see the potential.

Tried the hand back and looking back thing for loops which definitely changed the way you go around, not exactly sure how… I got a few on video before I filled the SD card. Caught some funny facial expressions! I’m not sure if I’m looking/turning to the right place.

Did 6 in all and then injured knee started getting sore. Wind dropped later as many other folk rolled up and I had a blast on the kit Chris had rigged as he couldn’t plane on it anymore and couldn’t get going on mine.

Then packed up as water was at base of cliffs.

Eight people out there altogether and the bacon and egg sarnies were excellent! Ben had 2!!!

Matt also rolled up after having to go on a call and had a blast on the 6.2m and 115l.

….and it was sunny!

Wave sailing at Fraisthorpe Saturday 23rd July

July 26, 2011


Saturday was a great riding day – Mobile version of day below :-)


School is out For Summer!

July 22, 2011

Grabbed a quick sail after work today nice swell rolling in and a light NW breeze. Sunny and 95 litres with 5.2m was great fun, not epic, but very relaxing. So glad I made the effort. Perhaps more on Saturday?

Saturday 17th July – On and Off

July 17, 2011

After an early arrival at the beach the forecast was totally wrong with no wind or rain. Many left and went to do something else. Mick probably was on the water for most of the sailable wind, and he and Steve kept slogging through the rain as the gusts let them plane every now and again.

Once the rain stopped in the late afternoon a few more were tempted out onto the water. 5.7m and some good runs and waves mixed in with not planning were the order of the day. Not the best sail but we got wet, rode a few waves  and snatched a few jumps when the wind filled in. It has been at leat 4 weeks since I last sailed and I managed to get four blisters and tear one open in a comedy cataput just as I was going to bottom turn.

Hopefully more wind will follow for those who manage to get out in the next couple of days. It is forecasting 16mph for Sunday but I’m going to rest and get ready for the Canaries.

May 22nd

July 3, 2011

Alex and his new Quad takes it’s first dip.


Windsurfing in Lanzarote May/June

July 2, 2011

Just edited last holiday footage and put it up (I need the space back on my laptop!)


Link : It shows three places I sailed during the week English left, Jameos Dos and Costa Teguise, the wind was from an unusual direction and on the best wave day at Costa Teguise the video file corrupted.

Hope to see you on the water next weekend!

Lower Quality Version: http://video.mpora.com/watch/9JRaC78wn/hd/

Trip to the West Coast

June 30, 2011


Managed to get a day at Rhosneigr with Chris, small waves but lots of fun it is a long way for a day! Also sailed the following day at Bridlington. Since then I have had a week in Lanzarote but I have not had time to edit the footage or sail again.

Hopefully we will get some wind before Lanzarote Summer holiday in the UK!



Easter Holiday

May 17, 2011

Got a few sessions in but nothing to really write home about hopefully May will deliver some memorable ones…

 The Link below is of a few snatched days in Lanzarote, it was not really that windy and we had to search for wind and waves, and somehow on the best windsurfing day of the holiday I managed to  take  no footage at all at Jameos and English left! Next time…



April 3, 2011

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Saturday morning had every ingredient but the wind…

I made the fatal mistake of promising to be somewhere for Saturday lunch, Matt had to work, and so we were at both the beach before sunrise and sadly we left before the wind filled in. Chris was out on a 7.0m later and Brian rolled up just as I was leaving.

My personal wait for wind continues… hopefully we’ll score some great sessions in the Canaries at Easter and the new Quad from Juice Boardsports I’m taking out there will deliver the goods…

Hope you all enjoyed the wind!

Sunday Sun

March 20, 2011

Had a wobble in preparation for Costa Teguise wind shadow on Quad 81 and 5.8m.

Then Chris arrived with lots of litres and a 7m to plane in some of the gusts. It was great just to get outside in warmer temperatures and some sun. Hopefully wind next weekend…

No Wind for us

March 12, 2011

No wind today so Matt and I went to Cayton again to learn to surf. The waves were big for us, but good fun and amazingly not too cold :-)

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Matt took the pictures from the cliff top when we had both finished our session. Stand out surfers were James from the shop.

Sunday Late Session / Juice SALE

February 27, 2011


Call in


phone for the best deals

plus save

the VAT increase

All items are on ‘Sale’ but you will have to call in or phone for the sale prices.

Some items have been updated on the website but 95% of them have not.

So call us 01484 422146 and we will not disappoint.


Chris ( Fraisthorpe ) & Matt (Filey) managed a sail late in the afternoon on the East Coast. Chris was on 7m and 115ltr RRD fully powered to overpowered.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Matt – 6.0 and Kode 94, but was a lot more wind out the back once out of the shadow of the cliffs, 5.2 and 85 would have been better. Kept getting better as the tide dropped, fun sail in the end :)

Well done boys at least you got out there I just couldn’t get away…

See you on the water next time!

New Photographer

February 27, 2011


New Photograher – Darren Smith – who caught Ben and I mid loop a couple of weeks ago. Check out his work on the link below.


Geoff’s First HD Online Video

February 26, 2011

Geoff has uploaded his first HD online video, including footage from his soon to be marketed ‘broom cam mount’, it can be viewed on the link below!


Friday 26th February- Chris & Brian hit the water unfortunately I couldn’t make it as I was at work.

4.2m Windsurfing Bridlington / Fraisthorpe February 2011

February 6, 2011

HDVideo link of day click here: 

Check you are on full 720HD – Click to the on the right to get automatic new post alerts  as they go live!

The wind was full on and once the tide had dropped everyone had plenty of power for a pleasant session. The clouds cleared at about 10.30, it felt warm despite the strength of the wind, and I really didn’t want to come off the water at the end of the day. The waves were small but fun. It was good to be on the 4.2m again.

A couple of stills from the Video below. If you want higher quality stills message the site and I’ll forward them.

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Winnsnapper Shots

February 2, 2011

Just seen these nice shots from Winsnapper. http://www.flickr.com/photos/winnm/ in case you haven’t seen them.

Have a good day today if you can get out I can hear the wind howling… hopefully I’ll get a fix on Saturday morning if the wind holds.

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It’s all about the light

January 26, 2011

This was a really memorable sail not only because it was my first sail on my very own Quad81 ( the others were on loan from  Juice ) but because the sunlight was so special. Jeff and I both had cameras and it was a really fun session no loops just planning into the sun and riding the waves.  Don’t forget to choose the 720 HD option and put it on full screen.


Fraisthorpe Windsurfing Video

January 21, 2011

First video edit put together and uploaded to YouTube with the GoPro Hero HD from Bridlington last weekend. A bit rough around the edges but we can only get better…

We had a lot of fun on these two windsurfing sessions with lots of wind and some small waves. The SD card had four bad sectors so I lost a couple a couples of hours footage (new SD card needed.) Sorry Chris I think this was the bit with your clips on it!

I think the next step is to get a mast mount and take some more footage from the water/beach to mix in.

You need to check YouTube is set to 720p HD or you just get a low quality version. Let it load while you go away and make a cup of coffee.


See you on Sunday if the forecast holds.

Editing in progress…

January 20, 2011

Hopefully some footage online by Friday spent some time editing last night…still finding people to put on as I have 7 hours of footage to go through. 

I need to get a mast mount to change the angle and get closer to people that are sailing! Perhaps I’ll also try to rig up a harness mount that Steve uses and has documented so well on his blog.

4.2m – SW – Sunday 16th January

January 16, 2011

More wind!!! The waves were small but another fun session. Ivan had a pass to get in a couple of hours to sail early on so we rigged 5.2m/5.0m and as soon as we hit the water the wind decided to kick in and I decided to change down to the 4.2m.

Chris was back from Cape Verde and up for it and the temperature was really great for January. Ben made a late appearance for the last session and all in all a good day was had by all. 

Jeff has also given me some video footage from his Cam so I have more video than I know what to do with. I am going to do a short edit during the week… and then upload to HD YouTube.


Ivan & new board!

4.2m – SW – 15th January

January 16, 2011

Mild and lots of fun 4.2m and the Quad 81 saw me through the whole day. Lots of people on the water and I can hear the wind rattling the windchimes outside so hopefully another good session today.

I will upload the video I took as soon as I get the time and I will include everyone who was captured.

Three quick stills from the video before I head back to beach.


5.2m Saturday January 8th 2011

January 8, 2011

Three of us had a very pleasant sail in sunny cross off Bridlington. Jeff had his new camera out too! The light was perfect and toasty at 4 degrees:-)

Great to get on the water! Looking foward to next session. GoPro worked really well and loving my starboard.

Snow has Stopped Play…

December 4, 2010

Snowed in and too cold for windsurfing this week but I have just got my hands on a  new GoPro Hero HD from Juice Board Sports, as an early Christmas present from the family, so looking forward to some HD windsurfing video.


Possible North Bay Scarborough Sail Again?

November 20, 2010

FORECAST wrong went for a surf at Cayton instead, shop is very friendly and helpful and showers are great.

Saturday am forecast : Hopefully another session – Tide is early afternoon…

Matt’s 40th

October 29, 2010

Matt sneaked down for an early session before his ‘surprise’ celebrations began. Happy Birthday!

The rest of us waited until 12 for the wind to fill in and ventured out on sails ranging from 5.2m- 5.8m on biggish boards (Oh and Jeff on a 6.4m and two young lads who were on smaller kit). It grew steadily throughout the day till a few of us changed down to 4.2m and smaller boards. It was challenging to get out as the wind was cross on and the ramps were small but steep. (More practice required on starboard!!). Ben was enjoying himself and Alex was very comfortable on his 5.2m. Chris was delighted to get out on his new Code and Brian had a go on his new Goya too.

Warm and Briefly Windy

October 27, 2010

Bridlington felt like a different country! Sunny and warm sails ranging from 7m in the am to 5.2m. Matt and I both squeezed in a pleasant hour in the late afternoon.

Cold and Wet

October 26, 2010

The heading says it all… Quite a few folk turned up to find no sun, lightish rain and cold conditions. Sails size ranged from 4.7m to 5.2m (Chris 6.3m) Wind filled in slowly and Steve and another guy were first to try out the conditions.

We went out at 10 and Ben sailed to his usual high standard. Waves were very small but finally managed to do so some half decent starboard tack forwards.

Float and Ride…

October 25, 2010

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The big Sunday forecast of wind and waves saw the waves rolling in nicely however the wind wasn’t playing ball it never really filled in for more than 15 minutes at a time. Still it was good fun and we got wet which justified the fuel.

The two blogs which everyone was talking about at the beach belonged to Steve Thorpe and Ben Profit who had ventured to the east coast last week. Which if you have not seen them are at…

www.stevethorp.co.uk/ & http://www.thewetdream.co.uk/


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